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" I was born and raised in a small town in Israel.

Since I was a young boy, painting has been a major part of my life and soon became my biggest passion.

My inspiration comes from nature in all the scales. through my eyes with modern science, and from the night dreams that follow me since I can remember myself.

I have always been a strong believer in self learning as the key for pure art and original thought. my vision is to create original and innovative ways of visual expression. "


Expressions in Color and Form 

Yoav's artistic style is expressive, he's paintings are characterized by flawless brushwork, vibrant color ,strong compositions, and bold forms that convey an alluring sense of depth, dimension and expansiveness, “provide the viewer with infinite opportunities to imagine and explore.” 
His art is a synthesis of art and science and an expression of mystery and wonder.  He evokes a sensual and energetic condition of atmospheric light with effortless movement and soft edges.  
Yoav says :  Most of my inspiration comes from astronomical and biological systems. 

In the past 10 years I've been exploring the intersection between art, math and life science 

searching for the pure, original perspective to describe our beautiful core.

2019 - Solo Show "One" , The LAB , Tel Aviv , Israel


2018 - International Group Exhibition , AOTAart , Queen's Museum , Thailand , Bangkok


2017 - Consciousness, Group Exhibition , Anima Mundi , Palazzo ca'zanardi , Venice , Italy


2017 - Visions, Group Exhibition , Anima Mundi , Palazzo ca'zanardi , Venice , Italy

2016 - Diploma of excellence - Art Addiction MAB

2013 - Street art group tour , Tel Aviv , Israel

2013 - Open studio event , Tel Aviv , Israel

2013 - Private Show at the ambassador residence , AOTAart , Bangkok , Thailand

2013 - Front page cover in PEI Magazine

2013 - Open studio event , Tel Aviv , Israel

2012 - Open studio event , "Modern art" , Tel Aviv art groups , Tel Aviv , Israel

2012 - Book of Art works "Contemporary art" , Hard cover 100 pages, English 

2012 - Group Exhibition , Tel Aviv Art , Ana Tzarev gallery , New York

2012 - Solo Show "Spectrum" , Contemporary art gallery , Tel Aviv , Israel

2011 - Open studio event , Tel Aviv , Israel

2011 - Art Catalogue

2011 - Solo Show "Dont" , Prima gallery , Tel Aviv , Israel